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Czech Business Benefits Club

Welcome to the website of CBBC s.r.o. - Czech Business Benefits Club. What you can imagine under this orotund but unspecified name? We have been part of the highest Czech-Slovak business for more than twenty years, despite the fact that we are not infill the front pages of tabloid media. We are "invisible" workers in the below deck, but a lot of "ships" wouldn‘t go as far as without our help. We systematically build business contacts, set up key employees and entire sales teams, create precisely targeted end-user databases, and provide follow-up advice during the realization.

Imagine that with your product or service, you target only to those customers who are really interested in. Sounds incredible? Probably yes. But your business can still work. With our longtime partners we are able to do this unusual and backbreaking work and the selection for you. We are able to quickly looking up for potential customers as well as the providers of all possible and impossible services. We can say without exaggeration tha we know everybody on the Czech-Slovak market. Due to this fact we know which direction to go and which optimal form of addressing can be choosed. Whether it is such an unpopular “cold calling”, mailing or less traditional forms of presentation (golf tournaments, concerts, business events, own events) Are you interested in this problematic mentioned abowe? Write us or call us and arrange a non-binding meeting with our sales management. We are Czech Business Benefits Club…
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Trade is rather neglected discipline in many companies. Advertising is not a panacea and even the perfect quality of products or services does not necessarily guarantee success. The right setup and management of sales and sales departments of your company can be the final key to success. After twenty years of experience in the domestic market, we can afford to say we understand it. We offer both consulting and complete construction of turnkey sales department. All we need to do is know the product, your preferred audience, and we'll do the rest. Sounds simple? Maybe, but it works!
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One of the paradoxes nowadays is the fact, that rich people often buy goods and services on more favorable terms than an ordinary client. During our twenty years long experiences in the domestic market, we have come to very interesting, often non-public offers and opportunities that we have been sharing with our partners for many years. Whether it is buying a property, medical care, investment opportunities or tips for an extraordinary holiday, we always try to negotiate the most attractive conditions. And thanks to the great purchasing power of our clients, we are also successful ...
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We had been reliant to the services of agencies that provided corporate events for us and our partners for many years. From 2018 we have decided to 100% secure events throughout our own contacts and employees, which later proved to be a step in the right direction, according to the feedback from clients. Try yourself how you can organize training sessions, company parties, golf tournaments or other business meetings.
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Our long-term goal is to include all the above-mentioned services and benefits in the unified offer of our own business club. This can be seen from the name of our company. We are aware that we are entering a highly exposed and fairly occupied market eventhought we are convinced that Czech entrepreneurs are still dreaming of a similar club like our. Let us to surprise you. Expected completion date: 1.1.2022.

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